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Top Quality Standard Compact Panel, Flat Panel and Flat Panel with Lines Radiators.

A full range of panel radiators, compact radiators (The standard radiators we are most used to seeing) or flat panel radiators to suit any room in your home. Single panel single convector radiators (Also called Type 11 radiators or K1 radiators), Double Panel Single Convector radiators (Also called Type 21 radiators or P Plus radiators) plus Double Panel Double Convector radiators, (Also called Type 22 radiators, K2 radiators or simply double panel radiators).

All the radiator heights and widths you need, all with excellent heat output rates and efficiency. Our convector radiators in any range are available to suit the smallest to the largest of rooms in the home.

With leading industry brands to choose from, Prorad Radiators by Stelrad, ExRad low cost radiators, Barlo Compact Radiators and Ultraheat Radiators you can enjoy peace of mind all year round.

All radiator prices include VAT and free UK mainland delivery is available on all our convector radiators, which with low online prices make it a great time to find your next radiator at Radiator Sales.

Take a look at our different styles and ranges of panel convector radiators for the best size and type of radiator to suit your room and personal style!

With our experience in the industry and wide range of suppliers, we know what works and our aim is to always bring you great radiator deals, using our buying power and large buying volumes to offer top quality radiators at cheap radiator prices.

If you need any help give us a call today on 01942 265042 our friendly team is waiting to answer any questions you have about your choice of radiator.